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Where the audience participants

are the real stars of the show!

Comedy Stage Show


Performer John Bates has been performing his comedy stage hypnosis and mentalism show from Las Vegas to New York for the past ten years. He's tremendously proud of the fact that almost all of the venues he's performed in have booked another show.


John Bates is a versatile entertainer. Over the years he has entertained groups ranging from industry conventions and corporate meetings to camp grounds and private parties and fund raising events. He has mesmerized numerous college and high school crowds. 


Each show is custom designed to suit the needs of the client. John Bates takes the time to learn about each audience and tailor a show for that audience.


The key to the success of John Bates' show is that he uses volunteers from the audience who truly want to experience the wonderful sensation of hypnosis, and he makes them the stars of the show. He treats each participant with respect. In fact, he gives each and every volunteer an opportunity to shine on stage. 


Whether you have a crowd of 50 or 500, John Bates will deliver a performance that will amaze and entertain your entire audience.

You can find Mindmajik on Facebook and YouTube.


‘Street’ Hypnosis & Mentalism

John Bates’ stage show is intended for large audiences but for years he’s been asked to perform for smaller groups, in bars, for private parties, and places like public parks. 

In response to these requests he has created an entirely different routine that can be performed as ‘street’ entertainment or for groups from a few people up to 50, much like a close up magician might entertain in an environment with limited space. 

This is great entertainment for cocktail parties, receptions, fund raising events, festivals, craft fairs, and farmers’ markets.  

Speaking Engagements

Hypnosis is not just used for entertainment!  John Bates is a sought after speaker on the subject of hypnosis and directed meditation.  He conducts seminars on Stress Management, Stopping the Smoking Habit, Weight Loss and Sales performance.  For more information about having John Bates address your group, visit DirectedMeditation.com.


Clinical Practice

John Bates also has a clinical practice.  He uses Directed Meditation to help individual clients change habitual behavior  like smoking and eating, overcome phobias like flying and crowds, to manage stress, and to optimize treatment for cancer and chronic illnesses. For more information about his clinical practice, visit DirectedMeditation.com.
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