About Mindmajik

What makes Mindmajik unique?

In a word, professionalism.

  • John Bates was certified as a hypnotist by the National Guild of Hypnotists in 1999.
  • He is an active member of two national professional associations.
  • He maintains liability insurance and can provide a certificate of insurance for any venue that requires one.
  • He takes the time to find out about his clients so that he can create a show specifically for them.
  • Each year he works with other top entertainers in the field to sharpen his skills.
  • He wants everyone to enjoy the show, and referrals are important to him. So he never puts subjects in embarrassing situations that they would regret later.
  • He pays special attention to the safety of his volunteers.
  • He puts on a great show, every time.

Speaking Engagements

Hypnosis is not just used for entertainment! John Bates is a sought after speaker on the subject of hypnosis and directed meditation. He conducts seminars on Stress Management, Stopping the Smoking Habit, Weight Loss and Sales performance. For more information about having John Bates address your group, visit DirectedMeditation.com.

Clinical Practice

John Bates also has a clinical practice. He uses Directed Meditation to help individual clients change habitual behavior like smoking and eating, overcome phobias like flying and crowds, to manage stress, and to optimize treatment for cancer and chronic illnesses. For more information about his clinical practice, visit DirectedMeditation.com.

Book Your Next Show With John Bates

John Bates performs all over New York and Vermont, and the rest of New England – Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Maine. But he’s available to travel anywhere in the United Sates.